Bridget Clark

Event & Outing Sales Manager

Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Key Previous Employments: There’s no better place than DCC, that’s why I’ve worked here for most of my career.
Favorite aspect of work for RJG: I love the camaraderie and competitiveness within Ron Jaworski Golf. We are all working for a common goal but are all racing to achieve it first.
and the most inspiring part: Working as a team to exceed our client’s expectations. When I can share positive feedback with the team it truly inspires me!
When did you start building your passion for events? Growing up with a big extended family we hosted and attended tons of parties. I learned a lot about hospitality from my mom and aunts.
Favorite part of the special event: Seeing the contact relax and enjoy the event they spent so long planning! Our clients put so much trust in us, it is so rewarding when we deliver on our promises.
Favorite thing to do when not at Downingtown: When I’m not at work I love reading, cooking (more like eating) and watching Philly sports. I love to get to the shore when I can, swimming in the ocean and playing games on the beach make for a perfect day.
If I weren’t so damn good at my job, I’d probably be a__ Personal Shopper